Thursday, 28 May 2009

Philip Pullman helps understanding of theology, says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Daily Telegraph reports this earth shattering fact. All I can say is no wonder the Anglican Church is in so much trouble if the leader is getting his theology from here.

If you want to look at a clear critique of these works press here to go to Ann Thomas' overview.

Is this a wise statement to encourage people to read these books and just what sound Biblical theology do you feel we can learn from these books?

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Christians wake up!

Do you keep up with the news to know at least what is happening to churches in Britain, if not wider afield? If you do you must, like me be concerned at how Christianity is being treated by many of those in authorities?

Here is the latest example:

Male nurse of 40 years is sacked after urging 'patient' to go to church (in a training session)

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of Christian Legal Centre commented:

"How is it possible that a nurse who has served the public for 40 years should find himself dismissed because in a training exercise he advised someone to go to Church? To seek to censor and suppress this kind of language and belief is the first fruits of a closed society".
As I always ask in these situations, "What would have happened if the Muslim had suggested they got to the Mosque?" Is not the church an established part of Society? Should not folks be given the opportunity to find out if such actions could help?

The Very Rev John Hall, the Dean of Westminster, believes that this will mean that Christians will increasingly keep their faith to themselves; but isn't that exactly what the enemy wants.

Surely the time has come to wake up and ensure that we are sharing the truth of Jesus Christ in relevant and appropriate ways. Just yesterday we were on our local Green with a stall for our local Fellowship. We gave out our outreach paper and most wanted to receive it. One didn't and she refused, we had a conversation about why, and she want on her way content. For most people this can happen and it is only because harsh and needless laws are being brought in that folks would think of complaining over such exchanges.

We must not make ourselves martyrs for no reason and there will be times that the Lord tells us to be quiet but on the other hand, there may come a time where I have to decide between what man tells me to do and obeying God.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mormons and the cross - Salt Lake Tribune

Here is a very interesting look at the Mormon rejection of the most familiar and iconic symbol of the Christian faith. It is interesting that a former Mormon bishop understands that the Mormon aversion to the Cross symbol is based on the church’s desire to maintain its distinctive nature. You wouldn’t believe that today when they are striving to be a denomination among many others. Maybe they will embrace the cross once again; although that might prove difficult since they believe that Jesus atoned in Gethsemane.

Reed's research explains Mormons' "ambiguous, confused relationship to the cross," says Rees, a former LDS bishop. "At one time there was an informal acceptance of it as an overt symbol, but in the 20th century its use has been discouraged by church leaders. Wanting to maintain its distinctive identity among Christian churches, the church essentially rejected outward manifestations of the cross, one of the most compelling symbols in all of Christendom - even though there's nothing doctrinally, theologically or scripturally that keeps us from embracing it."

Mormons and the cross - Salt Lake Tribune

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Obama's mother posthumously baptized into LDS Church - Salt Lake Tribune

In the wake of his remarkable success it seemed that the world and his wife wanted to claim President Obama as their own with even an Irish connection being dug up. Now the Mormons have got in on the act by posthumously baptising his mother. They have in the past upset the Jewish community, the Catholic Church and now the American President with this wacky and unbiblical practice but there is no indication that they will review it. And, of course, it is always someone else’s fault and they promise a thorough inquiry to uncover the real culprits. Maybe they should try looking in the mirror.

President Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, who died in 1995, was baptized posthumously into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints last year during her son's campaign, according to Salt Lake City-based researcher Helen Radkey.

The ritual, known as “baptism for the dead,” was done June 4 in the Provo temple, and another LDS temple rite, known as the “endowment,” was performed in the same temple on June 11, said Radkey, who found the record while doing research in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

“The LDS Church is walking a fine line when the mother of our very special president has been posthumously baptized and endowed in a Utah temple,” she said. “It sends out the message that the religion she chose while she was alive was not good enough. And that spills onto her son, who is our president.”

Obama's mother posthumously baptized into LDS Church - Salt Lake Tribune

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