Saturday, 25 April 2009 - Proof of Jesus' Black Heritage Comes From Surprising Source: Two Black Mormons

It is one of the great cultic mysteries of our age. Here is a religion that has excluded, defamed, denigrated and damned black people for generations as low, mean, lazy and cowardly and yet their most promising mission field is the African continent. Now two black Mormons have turned the whole thing on its head and, turning the Mormon fascination with genealogy against type, have come up with “proof” that Jesus was black; you couldn’t make it up. I don’t know whether this is bitter irony or poetic justice but its all here in black and white (yes that was a pun)

Two Black Mormons -- yes, that's not a typo -- two Black Mormons, have recently launched a groundbreaking DVD series that answers the questions we've been asking in regards to their religion's teachings on race, but have to this point gone unanswered. The real prize and surprise in this effort, has been the uncovering of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, demonstrating that Jesus was indeed Black. This is truly remarkable! For the first time, you can trace with incredible detail, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the family tree from which Jesus came. Put away the "woolly hair" argument, we now have real proof and can literally see the African heritage in the Savior. - Proof of Jesus' Black Heritage Comes From Surprising Source: Two Black Mormons

Friday, 24 April 2009

Latest News - Gospel for Asia UK

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost  Luke 19:10

Witchcraft is probably not something that would attract people to a new neighborhood. But for Pankaj, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, demonic bondage in a village of Dalits ("Untouchables") drew him to spend his life there bringing them spiritual freedom.

When Pankaj graduated from Bible college, he sensed the Lord's call to a village where no Christians lived. The people were held in bondage through their worship of evil powers, and many were sick and impoverished. On top of that, they lived with the curse of being seen as worthless. They were "Untouchables"—tossed aside and shunned by those of higher social castes.

Read more at the Gospel for Asia web site

Latest News - Gospel for Asia UK

Friday, 17 April 2009

Where is America Heading?

The following story reveals that an American Catholic University was asked to cover up the initials used of Christ 'IHS' which might have been seen when President Obama made a speech.

I wonder if Turkey received similar requests for any Muslim signs to be covered when President Obama reached out to them?

Is this double standards and the beginning of a process that will remove freedom of religious speech and action?

Friday, 10 April 2009

The Lamb of God – The Mormon Story at Easter

The Lamb of God is the Mormon Church's video presentation of the Easter story. Once again this video has been finding its way into thousands of homes across the country, usually accompanied by a pair of missionaries. It is usually preceded, at Christmas, by a short video entitled The Nativity, depicting the birth of Jesus. The Nativity is simply a visual presentation of the Christmas story with very little dialogue, and that in Aramaic/Hebrew. It is more an animated tableau depicting successive familiar scenes from Luke 2. But then what more could you expect from a film barely 12 minutes long?

The tableau format is carried over into the 27 minute long The Lamb of God. Beginning with Jesus' appearance before Pilate it is a presentation of the last few hours of His life, interspersed with retrospective scenes from His last week and a couple of brief scenes from the Christmas video. The dialogue is sparse, a few brief phrases at the last supper "Do this in remembrance of me," and brief exchanges between Jesus and Pilate, familiar phrases given in the inevitable King James English - "Art thou the King of the Jews?" "My kingdom is not of this world." "Art thou a king then?" "For this purpose came I into this world." "I find no fault with this man!" "Shall I crucify your king?"

There is the inevitable "Crucify Him!" from the crowd and the rest is simply a background noise of Aramaic/Hebrew. From the cross you hear "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit," then "It is finished." We see the anger of the crowds, the sorrow of the disciples and the hasty burial. Then the discovery of the empty tomb by Mary, and Peter and John racing to see for themselves. It finishes with a depiction in silhouette of the pair telling shepherds on a hill and a visual presentation of John 3:16.

This is a moving and heart-warming film. It is comforting and reassuring in its familiarity, well produced and quite accurate to the King James account. An Evangelical Christian viewing it for the purpose of finding arguments against the Mormon Church would be disappointed. There is nothing doctrinally wrong with it and it would serve well as a starting point for a gospel discussion. But that is because there is nothing doctrinal in it. If asked to write this video the average Christian would be hard pressed to decide what to leave out of a film depicting such a significant week in the history of the world. Yet, this 27-minute video is totally devoid of teaching or indeed structured storytelling - either Christian or Mormon.

It is a 27 minute "virtual" tableau leading up to the most important message in the whole video - the last words on the screen: This is a presentation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a type of iconography, designed to give an impression, a representation by means of images. An impression of what? An impression of Christianity. An Evangelical Christian watching this video would be hard pressed to fault it. Someone unfamiliar with the Christian message would learn precious little about Christianity - or Mormonism, and that is the point of the film. You will inevitably think that it is a "Christian" film produced by a "Christian" church.

We showed it to a group of Christian friends and asked for their comments. One expressed real surprise that it actually "told the gospel." However, it does not tell the gospel at all, either the Christian gospel or the Mormon gospel. Read the rest of this article here

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Brigham Young Univ Newspaper Recalled Over "Apostle/Apostate" Mix-up

Never a truer word brother, never a truer word. And who would have thought a spellchecker would be capable of a Freudian Slip?

All copies of the student paper at Brigham Young University have been recalled after a caption labeled a group of Mormon church leaders as "apostates" instead of "apostles."

The paper claims it was typo caused by spell check. Students, the university statement suggests, are "confused" over the matter but some claim paper is known to be "sloppy" anyway. Readers were told to peruse the paper online.

The university explained: "A spelling error appeared in a photo caption in which the word 'apostle' was rendered as 'apostate.' In referring to activities at the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last weekend, the caption read in part, 'Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostates and other general authorities raise their hands in a sustaining vote. . . '.”

Brigham Young Univ Newspaper Recalled Over "Apostle/Apostate" Mix-up

Wednesday, 8 April 2009



“- People need an explanation of religion. I do not say that it's necessary to make all children pray. They will start praying when they realize religion. But they are obliged to know about religion - about Islam, about Christianity. If a person knows about religion, no matter whoever has approached him, it will not misdirect him.”

So said the new Russian Patriarch head of the Coordinating Center of the Muslims of the North Caucasus Ismail Berdiyev speaking on the issue of interreligious dialogue in that area and the problem of what he calls “extremist literature”. He expresses particular concern about Wahabism an extreme form of Sunni Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia although there is general concern about both Muslim and Christian sects and cults moving into the area.

Foreign missionaries are being monitored and:

“The regional Council on religion recommended regional executive board and local municipal authorities, public associations and religious organizations to intensify preventive work on opposing religious extremism and ethnic intolerance.”

I imagine organisations like Reachout Trust would applaud such efforts – except:

“The main task of the council is to check all the Muslim books that people own and they must tell if a book of any publishing house, by any author must be destroyed as extremist and another book can be useless because it is frankly illiterate. By the way, nearly all the Wahabi literature divides into extremist and illiterate. Though one doesn't exclude another. And if authoritative people, theologians and scientists will say about it people will think weather to read this or that book.”

Book burning? Now that’s a bit – extreme. The point is well made that people who don’t understand religion can fall prey to all sorts of wacky ideas but – book burning? I know Whabism is extreme but I can’t help thinking where book burning in early 1930’s Germany ended.

We tend to take the education and enlightenment route, equipping people to be discerning and informed;  anyway if we were to burn every book that promoted heresy, error and lies we would have one big bonfire and global warming times ten! I suppose those cult members who complain about what we say should be glad they don’t live in the Caucuses. We just tell people that the Mormons are wrong, the Jehovah’s Witnesses in error and explain carefully why. We don’t feel inclined to burn anything – or anyone.




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