Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh no, not more Mormons!!!

As if my list of books to read was not long enough I have a new one to add to it, the Book of Jeranek, this is the first book of scripture produced by the Prophet Matthew Gill in the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ.

This group that has started in Derbyshire in 2006 claims to be the restoration of true Mormonism.

They claim that after the death of Joseph Smith God's church ceased to be on the earth up until Matthew Gill (pictured) has come and restored the truth of the Mormon Gospel.

They accept the original 1830 book of Mormon and the Bible (as far as it is translated correctly) and the Book of Jeranek to be scripture as well as believing other books of scripture will be coming.

The Book of Jeranek comes from a revelation from the angel Moroni to Matthew Gill as a child, showing him some golden plates and telling him one day He will do a great work.

Then later in 2005 the angel Raphael came and gave him the brass plates that formed the book of Jeranek.

Interestingly Matthew Gill claims to still have these plates but they are only showed to worthy members.

The membership of this church is around a 100 and is mostly in the UK.

So why is this interesting to us?

Well this could be I believe a significant witnessing tool to the LDS (mormon) people.

They for years have been offended at not being accepted as Christian by the Christian church, they have said we teach of Christ, love Christ, His name is even in the name of our church yet you say we arent Christian why is that??

Well the question I have for them is, is the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ Mormon????

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mark said...

This would be the ultimate parody if it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Maybe it still is -incredible ! Now all they need is a Brigham Young character to arrive with 50 or so wives to re-establish polygamy in the "true" church.