Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It’s amazing what people rely on!

Crop circle 'experts' are seeing the latest pattern discovered in Wiltshire, a phoenix rising from the flames, as a warning about the end of the world. It is amazing to me that they can be so glib about the world ending in 2012 with the certainty that civilization will rise again from the ashes.

Christians, relying on the authenticated word of God, have been saying for years that the world will end but are not so glib. They have shown the way people need to get ready for the event to ensure that they will 'rise again' afterwards. I guess it's all part of the world we live in – let's ignore the historical proven character of Jesus Christ and rely on the mythical aliens! I trust many will see the error of this philosophy before it is too late – be that 2012 or whenever. Remember too it could be much earlier if we die before the event.

Then there are those who were asked which dead person they wanted most to talk to. They weren't asked what they wanted to say but with folks like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe in the top 10 you can imagine.

Much to the surprise of the organisers of the 3000 people poll, Princess Diana was pushed into second place by Jesus Christ. However, I've got news for them Jesus is disqualified! The simple reason being He is alive!

How sad that around a 1000 of the 30000 people asked would really like to meet Jesus – when they can if they follow His way of repentance and receiving Him into their lives.

There is nowt as queer as folk – is there?

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