Saturday, 25 April 2009 - Proof of Jesus' Black Heritage Comes From Surprising Source: Two Black Mormons

It is one of the great cultic mysteries of our age. Here is a religion that has excluded, defamed, denigrated and damned black people for generations as low, mean, lazy and cowardly and yet their most promising mission field is the African continent. Now two black Mormons have turned the whole thing on its head and, turning the Mormon fascination with genealogy against type, have come up with “proof” that Jesus was black; you couldn’t make it up. I don’t know whether this is bitter irony or poetic justice but its all here in black and white (yes that was a pun)

Two Black Mormons -- yes, that's not a typo -- two Black Mormons, have recently launched a groundbreaking DVD series that answers the questions we've been asking in regards to their religion's teachings on race, but have to this point gone unanswered. The real prize and surprise in this effort, has been the uncovering of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, demonstrating that Jesus was indeed Black. This is truly remarkable! For the first time, you can trace with incredible detail, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the family tree from which Jesus came. Put away the "woolly hair" argument, we now have real proof and can literally see the African heritage in the Savior. - Proof of Jesus' Black Heritage Comes From Surprising Source: Two Black Mormons


Seth R. said...

I actually met Darius Gray once. I'd be interested in getting more details on this story and finding out what he's really claiming here. Too often the media shoots for the sensational headline, when what the person was really claiming was much more modest.

Interesting if it's true though.

Mike's 4 Tea said...

I put the story up because it was interesting but I agree that there may be a spin on it. If you go to their web site there are a few tantalising clips from the films that I found interesting, I might say discomfiting. I don't know if I will buy the DVDs much as I would like to see them but I am sure there will be plenty of comment on it on the blogosphere as time passes.