Monday, 2 March 2009

Brian McLaren speaking at Spring Harvest

It has been reported that Brian McLaren will be at Spring Harvest Skegness, weeks I and 2. He will be involved in afternoon seminars and the evening Celebration.

Wendy Beech-Ward Director of Events for Spring Harvest is quoted as saying, "I'm sure our Guests will be inspired by his experience, insight and vision for Church mission". But inspired to do what?

The title for this year's Spring Harvest is "Apprentice – walking the way of Christ" and if I had booked for either of these weeks, I would now be demanding my money back because of false advertising. But am I over reacting?

When you study the comments that he makes and the teaching he is giving I do not think so. McLaren appears to undermine the finished work of Jesus Christ at Calvary; the sufficiency of Scripture; and indeed the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

How can such teaching enable me to walk in the way of Christ?

I believe these aspects of the teaching of what is often described as the 'Emerging Church' are dangerous and can only lead to a Christianity that is compromised.

Please check things out for yourself with the quotes found on the following articles:

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Is this really sound Biblical Christianity? Should this teaching be given a public platform at Spring Harvest? Shouldn't you complain if you are due at Skegness during these weeks?

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