Friday, 6 February 2009

UFOs on the Increase?

The Daily Telegraph reported on 5 February that:

"The number of UFO sightings logged with the Ministry of Defence more than doubled to 285 last year, a rise described as "phenomenal" by experts. It is the highest number of sightings in 10 years.

All the incidents are included in a document released by the MoD yesterday, which details the date, time and location of the sightings, along with a brief summary of the eyewitness reports.

The Palace of Westminster sighting on Feb 12 is described as follows: "There was a craft that had green, red and white lights. It was still and static in the sky. It was seen for about an hour and a half." There is no information about who reported the UFO or what it may have been."

That one sees an object as of yet unidentified is not a problem but the danger is that we turn this into an alien invasion or at least an alien 'spying mission' and suddenly we have moved away from the world of reality and have entered the world of potential occult involvement. Are these too strong words? For the many people maybe but there are those who refuse to accept the real Jesus because of their involvement with UFOs and those who have entered the world of the occult.

When Jesus spoke of the signs of the end of the age, He said that,

"…the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken ."- Matthew 24:29.

The passage in Acts 2:19-21 (quoting the book of Joel) speaks of 'wonders in the sky above' which appears to comprise of effects upon the sun and moon before Jesus' return. The signs on the earth below are probably comprised of the 'blood, fire and vapour of smoke,' (v.19).

The Jews, hearing these words from Peter's mouth, would be well aware that wonders in the heavens had taken place hundreds of years before. There was the total darkness in the days of Israel's bondage in Egypt, God's angels appearing in the sky, raining fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, a star supernaturally appearing in the sky to lead the Magi to where Jesus was born, and a day extending in length at the request of Joshua. All these events led people closer to the sincere, simple devotion befitting God's people in their relationship with Him alone. At the end of time, as we have already seen, similar heavenly signs will occur but in greater intensity.

We have noted several times already the counterfeit actions of the Satanic realm. This supernatural evil realm will undoubtedly seek to use the events that will take place in the end days to try to distort, bring confusion and, especially, suggest disbelief in the Bible and its warnings about being led into a false understanding of who Jesus really is. The Bible predicts these things in such passages as 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12, which speaks of a man described as the 'man of lawlessness' performing counterfeit miracles. By counterfeit, it does not mean 'tricks' or 'illusions', but a copy of God's original. Unfortunately, all counterfeits of God's power are deceptions to lead away from a sincere devotion to Jesus (see Mark 13:22).

We see in Matthew 24 that at the time of these events there will be many false Christs and false prophets. This is why Jesus warned us in advance and assured us that the whole earth will see Jesus return after these events take place (Matthew 24:30; Revelation 1:7). If Jesus warned us so clearly about these things, why does Satan do the obvious? The answer is simply that he keeps getting away with it.

We can see from all this that the enemy (Satan) is well experienced in using heavenly signs to achieve his own ends, and we cannot ignore this when we consider flying saucers. Although God is sovereignly in control of the whole universe, Satan specialises in things to do with our atmosphere since he is the 'ruler of the kingdom of the air' (Ephesians 2:2).

After a detailed overview In the Reachout Trust booklet A Biblical Investigation into UFOs we make the following conclusions:

"I believe that we have shown conclusively that the hallmarks of UFOs and aliens lead to the supernatural power behind them being the counterfeit realm of Satan, not the true realm of God. If you need further help to make up your mind why not answer a few simple questions, for example:

  • Why are we seeing the same things decade after decade with no clear development in communication?
  • With such advanced technology enabling aliens to travel thousands of light years, why is it that they cannot view the earth without being seen?
  • Is it possible for authorities to successfully cover up all the evidence in such a way that we are left in the dark over such a long time?
  • Why do abductions always seem to be linked with trances in one way or another?
  • Why does the acceptance of all the evidence lead you closer to New Age type beliefs and away from the reliance on the true God of Christianity?
  • Why are aliens often considered serpent-like or frog-like when Satan and demons are described like this in the Bible?"


Peter O said...

Morning Doug,

This is pretty well the same thesis as presented by Chuck Missler in his book "Alien Encounters". Really interesting, and given that on an average day Chuck is a great traditional conservative exegete with some really good commentaries by him available on DVD and in print, it's worth a look from your readers.

Doug Harris said...

As Chuck says of himself you need to search the Scriptures and see if what is said is true. There is much good food for thought and edification in what he shares.