Friday, 13 February 2009

Sidelining Christianity

Is it not time for Christians to make their voice heard. Britain seems to be 'hell-bent' (literally and figuratively) on sidelining Christianity but accepting every other belief as ok.

Has anyone stopped to ask why? Has anyone bothered to check out the beliefs of Christianity as compared with other religions? Do they really have the same to offer as Christianity?

These are the questions I would like to ask the various council, hospital and school authorities. They are taking away the right of free speech but even worse they are taking away the right to eternal life. What do you think about the following?

Christian foster mother struck off after Muslim girl converts

Would a Muslim be struck off if a Christian child converted?

Surely they are seeking to take away the fundamental right of freedom of religion to a girl who is seen in the eyes of the law to be an adult?

NHS staff face sack if they discuss religion

Just what does constitute preaching? Showing total care for a patient?

What other subjects are banned to speak about amongst your colleagues? What is wrong with the answer I do not wish to talk about that thank you? Do we really need such draconian laws that forbid free speech?

Primary school receptionist 'facing sack' after daughter talks about Jesus to classmate

What right has anyone to forbid a 5 year old for talking to their friends about heaven and God? I assume that if they were talking about hell and the Devil it would have been ignored?

We need to wake up as to what is happening and seek the Lord as to what we do about it. No one should force anyone to change their religion but surely we have a God given right and indeed freedom of speech to share our beliefs and let each person decide whether they want to continue with the conversation.


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