Thursday, 22 January 2009


Rick Warren being chosen to pray at the President's inauguration upset some members of the party but he is causing more controversy – this time with some Christians.

Daniel Cordell of Love for Truth takes issue with praying in the name of 'Isa'

What do you think?


Peter O said...

"I humbly ask this in the name of ... Isa ... who taught us to pray, Our Father..."

Very clever. Absolutely unambiguously a Christian prayer. The Isa (which is simply Arabic for Jesus - most arabian Christians use that name for Christ) to whom (definitely an unislamic notion), and in whose name (once again, highly unislamic), Rick prays is the one who taught the Lord's Prayer and is the clearly the Jesus of the Bible, not the Q'uran.

Peter O said...

One correction to the above - arab Christians don't use Isa for Jesus, unless they're talking to Muslims. I think the substance of what I'm saying still stands - the "Isa" Rick prayed to is clearly not the Islamic Jesus.