Friday, 16 January 2009

Graphictruth: Mormons may have violated Election law and IRS Standards.

Many may know that a battle raged in California last year over what is known as Proposition 8, an amendment to local legislation designed to confine marriage to relationships between men and women. I commented on it a little while ago in earlier post.

The Mormons threw themselves into the "Yes" campaign along with Catholics, Evangelicals and others. However, the Mormons drew most of the rage felt by the gay community and liberals in general putting them near the top of many news reports for the wrong reasons.

Anyway, the "Yes" vote won and traditional marriage values have prevailed, much to the chagrin of those who wished to call by the name of marriage anything that suited them. Inevitably, someone must be to blame and the Mormons seem to be getting all the attention again but this time their methods and integrity are being seriously challenged and, it would seem, there is some substance to the charge that they have broken the law.

The article I have linked to is a good commentary on the affair. It will prove a controversial site for many Christians I suppose but I hope it at least makes people think about why they might disagree with some of the views expressed so as to be able to better put their own case. The video evidence is very interesting and I especially liked the penultimate paragraph that should make us all stop and think about how we go about making our point and conducting ourselves as a church. Do we impress people with our faith or impose it on them?

"Shake the dust from your feet. Faith is about upholding and living up to standards to the best of YOUR ability - not imposing standards upon others and punishing people in the civil world for not setting examples you approve of. That's indistinguishable from pure bigotry, and you can find that sort of "faith" in any corner bar."

Graphictruth: Mormons may have violated Election law and IRS Standards.

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