Wednesday, 11 June 2008

More on Negroes and the Mormon Priesthood

The Mormon Church 'celebrates' thirty years since Black men were granted priesthood blessings. Despite the fact that official Mormon publications still contain passages that denounce the Negro as a representative of Satan on the earth and unworthy, Black people, especially in Africa, have been joining in great numbers. The way the Mormon Church 'explains' its murky past is by telling people that old attitudes to Negroes were the product of folk lore and never official teachings of the church. This is a blatant and shameful lie from the pit of hell and protestors in temple square, including Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry, were determined to remind Mormons of their racist past. See them on you tube here

The tragedy is that Black people are falling for this lie in droves and are made to look foolish when they stand in front of cameras to defend a church that has always considered them as almost subhuman. You can read about the 'scripture' source for the original doctrine on the Reachout Web Site here and there is a very good commentary at the Mormon Coffee Blog


April said...

Isn't it funny how "black" people were only persecuted by Mormons? Oh wait, they weren't. Every religion at one point was racist. You're telling me that the Catholic church welcomed them with open arms? No, sorry. We are all to blame for racism and persecution. So don't point fingers at one church when the entire world did the same thing. (And even AFTER the Mormon church allowed them to have the priesthood. It's not like the Mormon church stoned black people to death as a group. They just didn't have the priesthood.)

I think it's also interesting how your blog is devoted to nothing but de-bunking the Mormon faith, and you have little or no faith or interest in your own religion. What IS your religion? Non-Mormon? That seems to be the road that people take when they leave the church. Instead of pursuing a different, "better" way of faith, you devote your life to rudely and bitterly trying to "disprove" the Mormon church. Instead of trying to attack others' faith, just work on your own.

Mike's 4 Tea said...

Thank you for your comment April. I fail to see how pointing out error is somehow proof of bitterness however. As a Mormon I am sure that you want to tell your friends that Mormonism is "the only true church on the earth" and that all other churches are apostate. That, after all, is the basic message of Mormonism. Yet I would not accuse you of bitterness.

If you had taken the trouble to investigate further than the one post and linked through to the Reachout Trust web site then you would have found positive presentations of the Christian gospel. Further, you would have seen that, contrary to the fondest dreams of every TBM, Mormonism is not the centre of our world or the sole subject of our discussions and posts. We are Christians who make it our business to "contend for the faith once delivered to the saints". When that faith is threatened by groups such as yours we put forward a reasonable defence, or apologetic, to explain to people the differences.

You are right, of course, in declaring that Mormons are not the only people who have "persecuted" the Negro and taught racist doctrine, though it would be quite wrong to caricature the whole Christian Church as racist.

Thank you for having the courage to admit that Mormonism has been racist. It is more than your leaders are prepared to do.

The difference is that others have repented, recognised their constitutional error, whereas Mormonism has come out with the balatant lie that such conduct on the part of past leaders is the product of folklore. It is as cowardly and as errant a piece of mendacity as can be imagined and any self-respecting Mormon would hang their head in shame.

That said I am still glad that you have taken the time to share your views and hope you will find time to visit us again. Sometimes it is hearing contrary views that provokes us to thinking more deeply about our own.